State of the Studio 2023

Our annual look back at the previous year and what's ahead.

State of the Studio 2023

We’re a little late on this one, but: hi, it’s 2023!

Checking our notes here, there’s not much from the past year we haven’t shared in other posts or our newsletter, but quick summary: we worked on Raincaster, wrote a lot, rode a lot, and bought a house!

What’s Next

The exciting bit! First up, we’ll be back at GDC next month, purely as attendees for the first time in years. We’ve missed that sleepless week of dev friends and full game-stuff immersion.

Raincaster continues continuing, as big projects do. We miss getting to work together full-time, but we don’t at all miss the financial side of that. No more publisher chasing, and Brain&Brain’s income goes right back into our work rather than our stomachs. (Which is great, because David eats a lot.)

On that topic, we’re continuously grateful to those of you who support us here as members. You’re more directly supporting our work now than ever—and honestly, it’s nice knowing you’re here when we pull our heads out of a project and remember to talk about it.

Outside of games, we’re both writing more stuff this year! David’s still writing and getting accolades for screenplays, and Brooke’s focusing on short stories and editing the stage play she accidentally wrote.

As for the house, we’re still tearing it apart and putting it back together nicely. We’ve got more to show, but maybe we’ll leave out this weekend’s toilet install.

Until we next remember to talk! <3