Recap: PAX West 2019

A look at the Wooden Nickel booth we built for PAX West.

Recap: PAX West 2019

Note: This post originally appeared on our Patreon.

Hello, everyone!

We're briefly back home from PAX and now prepping to leave for a walk across the Scottish Highlands. It'll be a much-needed reset and rest before we dig deep into the next stage of development on Wooden Nickel.

But before we go, we wanted to share some photos from the show with a quick rundown on how things went (see captions). TLDR: It went super well! Our woodburned sign got a lot of love from attendees, along with the handmade banner.

P.S. If you want to claim the last jackalope bandana, find it here!

Booth before the storm.
Still smiling on Day 4!
We had an extra Brain helping tirelessly all weekend: the lovely Jenn Sandercock!
Our corner booth got a constant stream of foot traffic and players.
Best decision: having a merch shop. We sold out of shirts and nearly all our bandanas!
The jackalope bandanas were a big hit: so much so that we only have one left!
Tried to get a nice bandana promo shot on the Wall Drug jackalope, but we picked the windiest day in South Dakota.