Animating the Chickens

A special work-in-progress post featuring animation from Wooden Nickel.

Animating the Chickens

Note: This post originally appeared on our Patreon.

This week, we have a special WIP featuring Burly Men at Sea’s most beloved character. Remember these ladies?

I'm happy to report that after a foray into print, they’re now happily pecking away in dusty Wooden Nickel—which meant their look and movement had to be adapted to a totally new aesthetic. (It also meant watching more chicken videos, and therefore this.)

What! you exclaim. Is Wooden Nickel’s art style really any different? Such color, so vector.

Well, yes. And as proof of such assertion, I give you…the Chicken of the West:

Patrons are by now familiar with my animation process for Wooden Nickel, but for those who are new here: I begin with pencil tests in Procreate

…before creating the final vector animation in Sketch. (Bonus: If you’re at all curious how I animate in Sketch, a process video for this animation is going out to patrons soon!)